Pro-Digital Indian Industrial Scenario: A Welcome Trend for ERPs with an Edge

Indian business stakeholders and decision makers are the global leaders in aspiring and applying Digital Transformation to their business processes. This is the learned inference of the global study titled, Keeping Score: Why Digital Transformation Matters; conducted by CA Technologies (CA) and Coleman Parkes in 21 countries and 10 industry sectors across the world. According to the study’s Digital Transformation ‘Business Impact Scorecard’ (BIS), India ranks first on the list with a score of 79 out of 100, against a global BIS average score of 53; while the Americas are at 63, Middle East & Africa (MEA) scores 47, and Asia Pacific & Japan (APJ) scores 56.

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Mobile ERP - the First Step to Industrial Digital Transformation

Mobility and productivity are contradictory factors in the business realm, was a popular contention even until the first decade of this millennium. But as per the present 2017 trend, wherein traversing international borders for work and/or on business has become a trivial affair, mobility has become an important aspect of productivity.

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The On-Premise ERP’s Forte

At a time when ERP oriented writings and media interactions are all about the nuances and multifaceted advantages of On-Cloud ERP, a write up on the edge of On-Premise ERP is quite odd.

Odd as it might seem, a few perennially existent industry workflow attributes, render the On-Premise ERP implementation irreplaceable. Among them, the 4 most trivial, yet striking industrial requirements, which deem the On-Premise ERP to be more relevant than the On-Cloud ERP for the contemporary business and market scenarios, are:

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ERP on Cloud: Features and Prospects 2017

ERP on Cloud has become a secure platform for enterprises as its plentiful benefits outdo its limitations that have become very solvable with some thought and technology. Cloud Predictions for 2017 by Oracle, observes that, "Enterprise cloud becomes the most secure place for IT processing. In the past data security was a major barrier to invest on cloud ERP. But in future, those very same concerns will be the things that draw new organizations to the cloud. Established cloud vendors with solid security track records have the expertise and resources to deploy layers of defense that many companies simply cannot duplicate in-house".

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GST Revealed from an ERP Perspective

“Goods and Services Tax means any tax on supply of goods or services or both except taxes on the supply of the alcoholic liquor for human consumption”, says Article 366 (12A); amended by the 122nd Constitutional Amendment Bill, 2014; passed in the parliament with all amendments on 29 March 2017; finalized with all updates during the 17th meeting of the GST Council on 18 June 2017; and rolled out on 01 July 2017.

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Formulating an Effective Inventory Management

While no one ever said inventory management was easy, it is possible to overcome the challenges of most business owners faces on a daily basis. Here we’ll provide a solution for the major challenges faced by businesses in managing their inventory efficiently.

The most daunting inventory related challenges that arise in wide range of Industries are in the form of over stock and under stock. This issue arises when a business struggles in managing the balance between knowing how much stock it needs to order, and when to order that stock.

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Roadmap provides clear visibility of Order and Goods Receipt Note tracking.

All the entrepreneurs of the organization likely to view the immediate status of each department or the units involved. In Detail, for Instance, the operations and tasks carried out in Production department should be brought to the quick view for their attention and analysis. The relevant production data such production plan, materials and resources involved, reception of raw materials etc. These details should be presented in an organized way. If you consider the operations involved in purchase department such as purchasing supplier, order details, GRN details for the orders should be viewed in just a click event.

As you see here, the entire GRN status of the order can be tracked in the quick view. Order converted to GRN (Goods Receipt Note) is displayed with the necessary details like supplier, required Date, Supplier Bill date and the Quantity break ups of the GRN.

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Automatic receiving of goods is made possible in Roadmap Supply chain management

Almost all the organizations would like to record their inward or outward transactions in simple steps. Tedious recording will never be encouraged by all the individuals at any circumstances. Though Goods receipt note can be created directly and manually, there may also exist the scenarios where the procurement starts from purchase requisition. Purchase order preceded by Purchase requisitions, followed by GRN creation, Financial implications of GRN, Quality inspection of materials and finally with receiving of Goods.

Roadmap Supply chain now simplifies its process such that, ‘once the inspection process is completed, the GRN is received automatically’. In other words, it does not require any manual reception of GRN documents to receive the goods.

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How Goods Receipt Note is handled in Roadmap supply chain management?

Goods Receipt Note is a document used to record the inward entry of any goods received at the premises of the organization.

To facilitate an effective inventory control management, GRN plays an important role. Preparation of GRNs is important since it promotes proper inventory control and restricts the entry of unwanted and unauthorized goods in the organization.

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Are you tired of making continuous purchase receipts manually?

For businesses, dealing with large volumes of purchase orders, management of these documents is of vital importance since irregularity and absence of accurateness in the PO management may create a chaotic environment.

The Procurement process of Materials will be completed when Purchase receipt is received by the buyer after inspection. Roadmap handles the procurement process in simple following steps. Multiple GRNs can be created for the different Purchase order as a batch process correspondingly for the Suppliers.

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Roadmap ERP – Simple steps for Generating PO from requisitions

Purchase orders management is one of the key components of an ERP system. Roadmap ERP provides enormous features enabling the users to reduce their manual work. This saves lots of valuable time of the users in making the POs from requisition in simple steps.

In this blog, we will discuss a useful feature about how to generate multiple purchase orders from requisitions without making multiple entries manually for the POs

RFQ/PO Conversion screen allows the users to create multiple Purchase orders from the requisitions by selecting the purchase requests and the supplier. This allows the users to create multiple orders automatically for a supplier. Continue reading…

Climb on these 5 steps to optimize Supply Chain management

It has become a great challenge for the enterprises in maintaining the supply chain data recent times to cope up with the growing structured and unstructured data. The supply chain data of many enterprises seems to be a complex system to handle the processes, people and technologies.

The growth of global markets, increasing customer expectations and more intense & diverse competitive pressures are driving the development of new supply chain methodologies and strategies. This increasing complexity need to re-evaluate frequently to ensure the optimal operation of manufacturing and distribution.

Even though, there are number of tools available to meet the complexity and to optimize the supply chain, in this article, we present the five important steps to optimize the supply chain. Continue reading…

Guidelines for an Effective ERP Implementation

Companies today face tougher competition in the market place in optimizing the resources availability, improving profitability and satisfying customers. Hence, many organizations have realized the importance of implementing an ERP Solution. ERP implementation reduces the complexity and implements new strategy which helps to support the overall growth of the company.
However, an ERP implementation has several aspects to be considered and if not executed properly, it may lead to a business disaster rather than an advantage. Hence choosing an ERP solution that meets your specific business requirements will enable you to have a smoother implementation. As you take on the task of choosing a right ERP, there are four guidelines to be considered.

Do you face hurdles in keeping up tracking on production, reporting, accounting and audit requirements? Do you lack streamlined inventory management? Do you find complexity in furnishing sufficient and accurate information on your company’s performance? If your answer is "Yes", it might be a right time to leap into an ERP implementation process. Continue reading…

The Right time to opt ERP


Do you face hurdles in keeping up tracking on production, reporting, accounting and audit requirements? Do you lack streamlined inventory management? Do you find complexity in furnishing sufficient and accurate information on your company’s performance? If your answer is "Yes", it might be a right time to leap into an ERP implementation process. Continue reading…

Benefits of Integrated Inventory Management Software

Integration in inventory management system provides a competitive edge with abilities to plan, effectively execute predictably with customers and minimize labor costs and errors associated with manual reconciliation. Your Inventory is what keeps your business alive. We could not make money without products being bought or sold. This may sounds to be a plain statement, but the mishandling of the inventory may lead to a business downfall. Continue reading…